Relationship Capital Academy learning programs equip individuals and teams with the mindset and skills to build deeper, more trusted business relationships.

About Us

The Relationship Capital Academy (or RelCap) was created by David Lambert, co-author of Smarter Selling (Financial Times, 2007 and 2011) and Paul Neale, former Head of Learning for KPMG in China, including Hong Kong, and former Head of Learning for KPMG in Asia.

The Smarter Selling book sets out the IoweU™ approach to building sustainable, trust-based relationships that deliver better outcomes, higher profits and greater personal satisfaction.
Containing many useful tools to help develop skills, the book received high praise from Dr Neil Rackham, author of Spin Selling (the research-based breakthrough bestseller that introduced the concept of consultative selling):

“Success in the consultative sale is all about creating customer value from every meeting, but few salespeople know how to do this. Smarter Selling has many useful and practical ideas to help people.”

The IoweU™ approaches are now used by salespeople and consultants in many leading organizations – in any situation where sales are complex, value is high, and trust is critical.
RelCap brings together, for the first time online, all the elements of the IoweU™.
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Comprehensive tools and support

Custom learning paths

Using Learnworlds best in class online learning platform you can work through a variety of resources.


Interactive videos with David Lambert (CEO of modules to help you understand key principles and approaches.

Tools driving application

Practical application canvases to help you put your learning into practice with your clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Understand yourself through assessment tools

Three self-assessment tools - Prefrr, LISTEN and INTIMISEE meeting assessment, to help you understand your behaviors and work on an improvement plan.

Practical case studies

The two learning streams include case studies based on real-life scenarios.

David Lambert walks you through how Tess (engage stream) and Charly (collaborate stream) uses the canvases to build relationships and trust in their work situations.

Micro-learning and challenges

Online micro-modules to supplement other resources. 

Online gamified challenges to test your knowledge and understanding.

Meet our partners

We partner with sales and learning specialists from around the world, including the best-in-class Learnworld's platform, Knowmium who helped develop our practical application canvases, and with affiliate organizations in Asia, Europe and North America.  

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Meet our team

Our certified coaches will guide you through your journey to building better business relationships and trust.
David Lambert, Paul Neale & over 32 other coaches are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge across a range of industries, international regions, and differing business cultures.

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