Engage canvases

Practical application canvases to drive relationship building.

Canvases help you better engage with clients, customers, colleagues, stakeholders and vendors.

Each canvas addresses a single aspect of relationship building, giving you the option to select the canvases you need today and build out your toolkit and capabilities at your own pace.
Each canvas has three parts:

The objective of the canvas

The objective expressed as "I want to..."

Brief guidance

Explanations on what the canvas covers and when to use it, plus why you would use it and, how to use it.

Application worksheet(s)

Fillable PDFs - to print or fill online, complete with tips for use and dedicated learning resources, plus links to related canvases.
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Take a free test-drive

Try this canvas (includes access to the Prefrr© behavioral diagnostic) to get feedback on your preferred behaviors and how your behavior impacts the people you interact with.


Each canvas includes an explanation of the applied tool or concept and a case-study walkthrough narrated by David Lambert, co-author of Smarter Selling.

Canvases also come with links to learning resources that expand on the approaches and tools introduced in the canvases.  These include short videos (vbytes), ebooks, self-assessments, interactive online challenges and self-paced e-learning (ebytes).

Click on any canvas below to view an outline of what is included (you can view the outline without enrolling).