Learn with us

Online with Engage and Collaborate learning programs and canvases.

In-person, with instructor-led workshops, 1-1 or group coaching, supported by canvases and related learning resources.
Create your own world-class sales curriculum using our content and yours.

We own the rights the IoweU™ tools and approaches in Smarter Selling and have created bespoke licensed sales programs for numerous clients, seamlessly integrating their content with ours to create bespoke learning programs to drive your people’s performance.

Our ownership of full rights to the Smarter Selling Intellectual Property coupled with the flexible design of The Relationship Capital Academy enables us to create bespoke learning experiences that fit the needs of individual clients and seamlessly integrate their own content with ours.
For large corporates – create white-labelled learning programs incorporating Relationship Capital Academy content. Accredit internal trainers for face-to-face instruction and coaching.

For small and medium enterprises – access academy learning content and tools to self-deliver to your people.
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