MGF - Selling in the New Normal

This training program introduces the IoweU™ approach to building trusted business relationships and provides a suite of 11 Application Canvases to support the development of consistent practices across the MGF organization plus a common framework and language.

The training combines workshops led by David Lambert, complemented by online Application Canvases and related learning resources.  These canvases will be introduced at relevant points throughout the program.

There may also be some pre-workshop and post-workshop activities.  To get the most from the limited workshop time, it is important that you complete any pre and post-workshop activities.

Workshop 1

The first workshop focuses on how we do things currently; where we need to change to grow MGF's business; and how changing the way we behave with clients can drive business growth.

The first workshop introduces the Prefrr© Behavioral Diagnostic.

You can access the tool directly at or by accessing the Application Canvas below and selecting from within the canvas learning program.

To learn more about Prefrr© and how to use it, access the canvas learning program by clicking on the canvas cover page shown here.

You will be asked to enter the email ID allocated to you and the related password.

You will then be directed to the outline for this Canvas Learning Program.

The first time you access content from the outline you will be asked again to register. 
Don't worry!  You do not need to do fill details again to do this. 
Simply click on OK and the content will load.

Post-workshop activity

Access the Prefrr© profile and complete all 9 categories.

Work through the 
Aligning behaviors with Prefrr© canvas and the related learning program.
At the beginning of our next session we will start with a discussion of Prefrr© and how we can make use of it.

To think about matching and mismatching behavior, e
stimate Prefrr© scores for an important client or colleague and note down how their scores compare to yours using page 3 of the Application Canvas. 
Then, consider and note down how you might choose to flex your behavior - in certain situations - to build stronger rapport.

Be ready to share your thoughts in our next session.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, drop me an email at and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.
See you again on 21 May!

Introduce I We You and the related canvases:

- Getting meetings with busy people
- Setting the conversation environment

Post the workshop, you will be asked to submit two I We You meeting requests.

At the start of the second workshop you will be asked to share at least one I We You frame that you have used.

Hope you find the pre-work interesting, informative and enjoyable!
Looking forward to meeting you online, on Friday.

How to get and then frame a conversation
Pre-workshop 3
Complete prior to third Zoom meeting

These two canvas modules are designed to help people:
- ask questions that engage buyers in interesting, insightful and informative conversations.
- manage conversation flow and focus on 
delivering value to buyers.

How to position offerings and solutions in the client’s world and gain commitment
Pre-workshop 4
Complete prior to fourth Zoom meeting

The final three canvas modules are designed to help people:
- record and share key conversation points to drive collaboration.
- position ideas and offerings in such a 
way that buyers see the value and commit to moving forward.
- convince buyers with compelling examples 
of how my offering delivers tangible benefits.