Leading Change Program

This important program is designed to enable you lead change programs within Olicana and give you the skills needed in your new role as a Senior Manager.

The program combines instructor-led workshops and online learning and resources .  To enable you to put the techniques and tools into practice on your future initiatives application canvases are included.

In order to prepare for workshops, which involve case studies and discusssion, it is important that you complete all pre- and post-workshop programs.

Understanding yourself, others and Olicana Advisory
Pre-workshop 1 online programs

Complete by 15 March

These online modules are designed to help you understand yourself, your colleagues and stakeholders and the forces impacting Olicana and our clients.  This understanding will help you build trust and discover value for the organization and people within it. 

We will build upon this during the workshop through discussions and case studies.

Uncovering the value in change

Pre-workshop 2 programs
Complete by 15 April

The next online modules aim to improve your ability to get meetings and other conversations with busy colleagues, and introduces advanced questioning techniques designed to uncover value.

Gaining commitment - communicating the value
Pre-workshop 3 online programs
Complete by 15 June

The last two online modules are designed to enhance your listening skills, as well as introducing how to present your ideas and initiatives to get buy-in.  It also covers how to answer questions and queries effectively.

Application canvases

To help you implement the tools and techniques over the coming year, below are the application canvases covered in the Leading Change Program.

To refresh your memory and help you in your change initiaties, the resources include the canvases, as well as audio commentaries and completed worksheets from the program case study.