UBS - Rolston's brilliant program

This training program introduces elements of the IoweU™ approach to building trusted business relationships taken from the Financial Times best-seller Smarter Selling.
The training supplements the face-to-face programs delivered by Peter.

It comprises five Application Canvases with related learning resources:

  • Setting the conversation environment - so that others want to meet me and participate from the very start
  • Aligning behaviors with Prefrr© - to better understand and read behaviors to help build rapport
  • Curiosity, enthusiasm and understanding - to engage others in interesting, insightful and informative conversations
  • Clarify understanding and confirm next steps with CC Notes - to share key conversation points and encourage collaboration
  • Positioning for impact with N-F-B - to position my ideas and advice so that otthers see the value and commit to moving forward

The first time you login, you will be asked to enter the email ID allocated to you and the related password.

The first time you access a  canvas and content from the outline you may be asked again, to register. 

Don't worry!  You do not need to do fill details again to do this. 

Simply click on OK and the content will load.

Access the canvases and related learning resources below:

How to get and then frame a conversation
Pre-workshop 3
Complete prior to third Zoom meeting

These two canvas modules are designed to help people:
- ask questions that engage buyers in interesting, insightful and informative conversations.
- manage conversation flow and focus on 
delivering value to buyers.

How to position offerings and solutions in the client’s world and gain commitment
Pre-workshop 4
Complete prior to fourth Zoom meeting

The final three canvas modules are designed to help people:
- record and share key conversation points to drive collaboration.
- position ideas and offerings in such a 
way that buyers see the value and commit to moving forward.
- convince buyers with compelling examples 
of how my offering delivers tangible benefits.