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Take the Prefrr© self-assessment, to understand your preferred behaviors, and how your behavior impacts the way others respond to you.

People work with people they like and trust. We tend to like people who are like us. 

Understanding your preferred behaviors and how they impact others enables you to flex your behavior in different situations to drive better outcomes and strengthen relationships.
Understand yourself better...connect better
"In my company before we used MBTI® and DISC®
Prefrr© is much easier to understand and apply."

"We don't think enough about how the people we talk to want to be treated.  This tool makes it easy to think that way."

"I tried to guess my customer's behavior and the next meeting we had I could feel that the atmosphere was better."

What's included?

  • Prefrr© self-assessment with personalized feedback
  • 1 application canvas with case-study walkthrough
  • 4 vbytes
  • 5 ebook sections
  • 2 stories
  • 1 workpad for your enotes
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Understand your behaviors

  • Learn about your preferred behaviors using the Prefrr©  self-assessment.
  • Understand how your behavioral preferences impact others 

Flex for better outcomes

  • Use your personalized feedback to flex your behaviors, and achieve better outcomes for all involved.

Apply to your situation

The program includes the Aligning behaviors with Prefrr© application canvas which guides you through applying the techniques and tools with your own buyers.

The canvas can be completed at the beginning in Application quick start, after you have finished the learning modules, and on an ongoing basis in the future.

David Lambert

Master Coach - Co-author of Smarter Selling

David is the Master Coach for the Relationship Capital Academy and co-author of the Financial Times published best-seller Smarter Selling, on which many of our programs are based.

A lifelong learner with a passion for educating, David draws on a wide range of business and sales experience that includes time as a sales consultant; restaurant owner; head of business development and Director and Marketing and Communications at PwC. Equipped with a master's degree in Human Resources and Training, he was also Director of PwC’s Leadership Academy.

For more than 20 years, David has worked with leading organizations helping them to develop the communication and trust-building skills of their people. Now he is working with you!