Engage for Value

Learn how to get meetings with busy people and, once you've secured a meeting, how to engage interest and encourage participation.
What people say:

“I have a framework email based on I WE YOU and to date have over 80%success rate in securing a meeting when using the framework. This also includes totally cold client calls/emails and has given me MUCH greater confidence when chasing cold business and doing cold calls.”

“Differentiating ourselves in the way we build relationships is very important in a market where we can all look quite vanilla. ‘I We You’ will really help us.”
Learn how to get meetings with busy people, and gain their interest at the start of the conversation.
“How do you get in the diaries of the C-Suite with 100% success rate?
I now have meetings with three CEO's that are notoriously hard to get to. Yes three out of three, but it didn't happen by chance!
How did it happen - some secret sauce shared at a recent Strategic Account / Locally Important Client workshop. It works!
The answer is ... I, We, You.”

“Have worked all morning getting contact details for senior lawyers and then sent I We You mail out in a form created with your help.
Five minutes later I get first positive acknowledgement from a managing partner… In case you need even more evidence that it works.”

What's included?

  • 2 application canvases
  • 4  vbytes
  • 2 ebook sections
  • 1 practical case study
  • 3 ebytes
  • 1 article
  • 1 workpad for your enotes
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Getting meetings with busy people

Use the I We You framework to generate curiosity and interest, helping you to secure meetings with busy people.

Ensuring interest and participation

Frame key topics and whole conversations to generate interest and encourage participation.

Putting the skills and tools into practice

The program includes two practical application canvases which guide you through applying the techniques and tools to your own buyers. 

The canvases can be completed at the beginning of the program in Application quick start, after you have finished the learning modules, and on an ongoing basis going forward.

David Lambert

Your Master Coach - Co-author of Smarter Selling

David is the Master Coach for the Relationship Capital Academy and co-author of the Financial Times published best-seller Smarter Selling, on which many of our programs are based.

A lifelong learner with a passion for educating, David draws on a wide range of business and sales experience that includes time as a sales consultant; restaurant owner; head of business development and Director and Marketing and Communications at PwC. Equipped with a master's degree in Human Resources and Training, he was also Director of PwC’s Leadership Academy.

For more than 20 years, David has worked with leading organizations helping them to develop the communication and trust-building skills of their people. Now he is working with you!