Respond for Value

Learn how to:

  • see questions and queries, sometimes referred to as 'objections', as an opportunity to understand more, demonstrate your own capabilities and add value

  • be ready and equipped for queries and questions by adopting the right mindset and approach

  • handle unexpected queries and questions confidently when you are 'in the spotlight'
Cut the jargon, focus on what matters

What's included?

  • 2 application canvases
  • 3 vbytes
  • 3 ebytes
  • 1 practical case study
  • 1 gamified challenge
  • 4 ebook sections
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Be ready for questions

Understand that questions are an important element in any presentation or pitch as they help the buyer's decision making and allow you to address and concerns or misunderstandings.

By adopting a positive mindestand and a structured approach you should be ready to respond to most questions.

Handle unexpected queries

However, you are always likely to get unexpected questions, given the complex nature of commercial buying decisions, as well as the number of people involved in these

Given this, it is important that you address these confidently and effectively.  This program provides practical ways to deal with such queries while you are in the spotlight.

David Lambert

Meet your coach

David is the master trainer for the Relationship Capital Academy and co-author of Smarter Selling, the international best-selling book on which many of our programs are based.

A lifelong learner with a passion for educating, David draws on a wide-range of business and sales experience that includes time as a sales consultant; restaurant owner; head of business development and Director and Marketing and Communications at PwC. Equipped with a masters degree in Human Resources and Training, he was also Director of PwC’s Leadership Academy.
For more than 15 years, David has worked with leading organizations helping them to develop the communication and trust-building skills of their people.

His knowledge and experience are a key asset of the Relationship Capital Academy and we encourage you to ask lots of questions of David to maximize the value you take from our programs.
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