Accreditation Program

This accreditation program is designed to help you facilitate and support the implementation of IoweU™ approaches and tools across the Henley & Partners organization.

The program combines zoom workshops led by David Lambert, coupled with online resources.  To enable you and learners to put the techniques and tools into practice in future conversations, eight application canvases are included.

To get the most from the limited workshop time, it is important that you complete all pre- and post-workshop activities..

Pre-workshop 1
Complete prior to first Zoom meeting

The first workshop will focus on three areas:

- Measuring relationship strength and how to move relationships

- Understanding and flexing behaviors

- Getting meetings and setting the conversation environment using the I We You framwork

To make the best use of our time together, please work through the following two learning programs ahead of the session.

Please also:

- Complete the meeting diagnostic at for 3 of your key relationships and bring the results to the workshop

- Complete your Prefrr© diagnostic and bring your results to the workshop

- Download and read the notes below describing the characteristics attaching to scores in each behavior category, together with related tips

  • A Value Sheet is not a form filling exercise.
  • What is written mirrors the thought process and discussion.
  • Value Sheets can be used in a variety of conversations and meetings.

  • Accreditation Workshop 1 - Relationships, trust and behaviors

    Below we note the key content for the first accreditation workshop and the four Application Canvases introduced in the workshop.

    If you wish, before the workshop, you can take a look below at the canvases that we will cover.
    Please note that this is optional.  We will run through each canvas in the workshop.

    Walk through the Evaluate relationships and build trust canvas.
    Discuss the Trust Equation and calculate a trust score.
    Discuss indicators of self-orientation.

    Walk through the Aligning behaviors with Prefrr© canvas
    Estimate Prefrr© scores for a client or colleague and discuss how to flex behavior to build rapport.  Also how to mismatch effectively.

    Introduce I We You and the related canvases:

    - Getting meetings with busy people
    - Setting the conversation environment

    Post the workshop, you will be asked to submit two I We You meeting requests.

    At the start of the second workshop you will be asked to share at least one I We You frame that you have used.

    Pre-workshop 2
    Complete prior to second Zoom meeting

    1) Script an I We You email and submit to instructor.

    2) Work through the Aligning behaviors with Prefrr canvas above.

    3) Work through the two canvases below and the related learning resources:
    - Curiosity, enthusiasm and understanding: engage buyers with SHAPE Questioning
    - Guiding to value with Value Sheets

    Looking forward to working online with you again this Wednesday!

    Accreditation Workshop 2 - Understanding clients better

    In the second workshop we will:

     - review the I We You emails created after Workshop 1

     - share Prefrr© scores and identify any interesting scores and patterns 

     - walk through the Application Canvas: Curiosity, enthusiasm and understanding: engage buyers with SHAPE Questioning

     - practice asking SHAPE questions "in the moment"

     - walk through the Application Canvas: Guiding to value with Value Sheets

     - try out using a Value Sheet

    That's it!

    Pre-workshop 3
    Complete prior to third Zoom meeting

    As we have some time before our next session we can use the time to round out our understanding of Prefrr© and add some color to SHAPE Questioning followed by a little application.

    First up, test your understanding of the Prefrr© framework by noting the behaviors that are potentially indicated in the example below. 
    Click to access the MS-Word file, then please send through to me when you've noted down your thoughts.
    Moving on to SHAPE Questioning, below is an example of two different teams participating in the UK version of The Apprentice TV program, asking questions of a husband-and-wife artist team that they'd like to work with.

    As you watch, listen out for types of SHAPE question asked and also think about Prefrr© behaviors.
    How did the questioners' own preferred behaviors and/or a consideration of the artists' preferred behaviors contribute to the questions asked and the way that they were asked?

    Write your awesome label here.
    Next, test your application of flexible SHAPE questioning with the 4 examples in the file below. 
    Again, click to access the MS-Word file, then please send through to me when you've noted down your thoughts.

    In preparation for workshop 3, enjoy the two video clips below.  While the scenarios may not fit our world, the behaviors exhibited by those presenting their ideas are not untypical: the self-focus (recall the Trust equation?); use of big words to make us feel better about ourselves; the lack of differentiation - and so much more!

    The first clip from The Apprentice follows on from the previous clip.  
    Write your awesome label here.
    This next clip is from the American TV series Entourage.  In the clip below, we see "Vinnie" the movie-star canvassing other acting agencies because he is unhappy with his friend and current agent "Aary".  Accompanied by his manager (known as "E"), Vinnie gets pitched to by 3 different agencies.
    Write your awesome label here.
    The final part of the pre-work before Workshop 3 is to work through the two canvas modules below and script one Need-Feature-Benefit statement plus recall an example from your experience and structure that example using Need-Feature-Benefit.

    We will share the N-F-B statements and examples (stories) in Workshop 3.

    If any of the pre-work tasks or guidance is not clear, please let me know so that I can help.

    Accreditation Workshop 3 - Prefrr©, Value Sheets and Need-Feature-Benefit

    In this third workshop we will:

     - review Prefrr©; share scores and identify any interesting scores and patterns

    .- practice asking SHAPE questions "in the moment"

     - walk through the Application Canvas: Guiding to value with Value Sheets

     - share and review examples of N-F-B statements and examples (stories)

     - review the Application Canvases: Positioning for impact with N-F-B and Proving capability to give comfort